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Colección: What is a Organic Plant-Based Meal Box?

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We have done it for you!

Our weekly menu is for anyone who wants heart-healthy, plant-based meals. It is very easy to stay healthy and eat organic plant-based foods.
We plan the entire menu for you. Saving time and taking care of your health, that of your family and our planet.
Even better, they will learn to cook for themselves, use the kitchen as a place of meditation and be inspired by good ideas.
Ideal for people who started a vegan diet for the first time because the box has a full and simple menu.
It’s like having your own, personal Chef.
Plus, our step-by-step planning guides will help you put it all together.
Organic Plant-Based Meal Box Contains
  • 4 breakfast
  • 4 lunches
  • 4 fresh fruit snacks
  • 4 dinners