Porque queremos un planeta sostenible, te invitamos a ser parte de nuestra comunidad. ¡Envío gratis!

About Us

We believe in a sustainable world.

As conscious consumers from Vosqe we can shape a new way of relating.

We can protect our physical body and our earthly body to which we belong.
Humans are not separated from nature.
We invite you to be part of this new consumer community.

We make it easy for you.

It was a natural evolution of the passion for health and healing and living a lifestyle.
VOSQE was inspired by people who care about what they eat and who strive to eat for health and pleasure.

Eat with a purpose.

Each of our boxes is carefully designed using our ancestors' knowledge about food as a curative along with their talent to combine flavors, colors and textures to create such good foods that you forget that they are good for you.

Each ingredient is chosen based on its properties, from our salts and oils to our products. By applying ancestral wisdom to today's clean food, we give you the power to be healthy and live your best life.

From the seed to you. 

 Organization dedicated to developing an organic farming method for the planet with fair work and respect for both the planet and the people. Thus, we provide everybody with healthy food and create an economic system that encourages the growth of producing communities. *From the seed to you.

We're on a mission to develop an organic farming paradigm for the planet, with fair work and healthy food for everyone.